My friend wanted a cake for a birthday of a serious Elvis fan and since I am known as the unique cake lady, she asked me to come up with something. My husband and I put our heads together and ended up with this rolling Elvis Cadillac car birthday cake.

We wanted something really unique so he bought a toy jeep and removed the body leaving only the chassis and wheels. Then he cut a wooden flat base and covered it in foil for the cake to sit on. I made the cake and cut it into ‘components’ of the Cadillac, with one for the lower body and one for the smaller upper part. I carefully carved out the fenders and other features, and then added salvaged chrome pieces off of the jeep for the mirrors, grill, windshield, etc.

When it was finished, we had an actual rolling replica of the Elvis Cadillac which could be rolled down the table for serving. My friend was astonished!