Coolest Catepillar Cake

This caterpillar cake was for my kids 4 & 5 birthday party! and being a single dad for this one I wanted to make it special this year. So I created this cake and it was 7 cakes and 14 tubs of icing but they loved it!

I have never made a cake like this before and was a little scared but in the end I was pleased with the way it turned out all the way to the coconut grass turned out great! It wasn’t as bad as I had expected it to be either!

All you need is so motivation and a open mind and you can create anything that you want to! One helpful hint, use only cake mixes that do not have pudding in them, they will not support the other half to make the ball and keep icing cold while putting it on the cake so it does not get runny on you! Let your mind go and be patient and it will all come together and you will not only have a cake but a lot of memories from your experience!

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  1. Great cake! You must love your kids a lot! SO much better to make your cakes than buy them, you and the kids appreciate it more and all the love that went into it! GREAT JOB, Dad!


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