Cool Homemade 3D Yellow, Green and Blue Caterpillar Birthday Cake

This Caterpillar Birthday Cake I made for my nephew’s 1st birthday. I found the idea for the cake on the Wilton website and from this website. His birthday is really close to Easter so we decided to celebrate Easter and his birthday at the same time, so I thought the caterpillar seemed appropriate.

I decided to make 2 cakes one for the birthday boy and one for the rest of the guests. I used a two bowls that I had bought at the dollar store to make the body of the caterpillars and a Wilton’s icing tip to decorate. I used mini baking M&M’s for the feet and nose and regular sized M&M’s for the eyes. His antenna is a pipe cleaner, his mouth is a piece of shoestring licorice. I made the letters out of crafting foam and attached them to toothpicks with a little icing.

Everyone loved it, including the birthday boy!!

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