Coolest Caterpillar Birthday Cake

Thanks to everyone who posted a Caterpillar Birthday Cake.

I used the Wilton sports ball pan to create the 6 body parts. I used golden vanilla, devils food and strawberry cake mixes and filled with pineapple, cherry and strawberry, respectively. I used cookie cutters to make the geometrical shapes and the round end of a brush to make the lines.

I used star tip 21 and tip 233 for the grass. The feet are mini-cupcakes cut in half. I also did the #1 form with cupcakes matching the last part (yellow w/multi-colored spikes)(another picture). the antenna are pipe cleaners.

I was asked to stay with the colors of the Einstein caterpiller. due to the size and weight of the cake, I mounted the cake on foam core board and covered the board with Wilton silver foil. The foam core held up marvelously.

The cupcake in the upper left corner is devils food and I used tip 352 to create the sunflower, use brown jimmies for the center and added a sugar ladybug.

I also made fondant letters and mounted them on long candles. I let the mother decide where she wanted the candles.

It was a fun cake and would certainly do it again.