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Cool Homemade Blue, Yellow and Green Caterpillar Cake

I Should start by saying that I am not, remotely, the cake-making type. I typically would buy a cake and call it a day. But I got inspired by the other caterpillar cakes here and so I went for it for my son’s first birthday. I am so glad I did – this caterpillar cake turned out well and was fun in the process!

I used the Wilton sports ball cake pan and bought 2 (four domes, total) so I could speed up the baking phase. I used standard cake mixes (chocolate, vanilla, marble). I found that filling the domes to within a half-inch of the top of the pan worked best, though required about 45 minutes to cook thoroughly. Be sure to grease and flour the pans VERY well to avoid losing chunks of the cake when you pop them out of the pans.

Colored the store-bought frosting (too little time to make it!) with the Wilton dyes, using very little so that I would have paler colors.

I followed someone else’s advice and first traced the location of my circles on the foam board. Then I covered the foam board in parchment paper. I used 6 domes for the caterpillar. The antennae were pip cleaners. I used large “confetti” sprinkles for the polka-dots on its back (and scattered some around the whole thing) and then large vanilla melt-aways for the feet.

Overall I think it turned out well, though was time-consuming (about 4 hours). I plan to do something similar for an upcoming party.

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