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Coolest Chemistry Cake for PERIODIC Cake Eaters

My son wanted a chemistry cake. Not surprisingly, there are not many of those on Pinterest. Since my kids had developed a game spelling words with the periodic table, I used this idea to make HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARLIE in periodic table form. This was actually much easier than I thought.

Chemistry Cake Instructions

  • I used letter molds to write the element abbreviations and hand wrote the element names and atomic numbers with frosting.
  • The rectangle cupcakes were made with a Wilton pan for baking ice cream sandwich shells and the same pan was used to shape candy melts for the tops.
  • I also made cupcakes with molecules made for Sixlet atoms and frosting bonds.
  • Finally, since aluminum has an atomic number of 13 I used this for his birthday year.
  • The trick was planning. As you will notice, the unneeded letters were made in the same color as the background so they would fade out.

The kids loved loved the cake and it was so easy to serve. As my friend said, “You are often in your element, but how often do you get to eat it?”

Note: This is a fun idea for all those who eat cake “periodically” and can be varied to fit any occasion.

Coolest Chemistry Cake for PERIODIC Cake Eaters