Fun Cake Designs for a Science Party

Fun Cake Designs and Homemade Birthday Cake Photos and How-To Tips

I made this cake for my boss. My boss loves chemistry and scientific things therefore had to come up with some fun cake designs. Someone at the office came up with the idea to make the Simpson’s nuclear power plant. A Homer Simpson figurine would have definitely been a nice touch but I was unable … Read more

Coolest Chemistry Cake for PERIODIC Cake Eaters

Coolest Chemistry Cake for PERIODIC Cake Eaters

My son wanted a chemistry cake. Not surprisingly, there are not many of those on Pinterest. Since my kids had developed a game spelling words with the periodic table, I used this idea to make HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARLIE in periodic table form. This was actually much easier than I thought. Chemistry Cake Instructions I used letter … Read more

Coolest Bubbling Science 6th Birthday Cake

Coolest Bubbling Science 6th Birthday Cake

I never turn out professional looking cakes, but I aim for fun. My son, turning 6, wanted a mad science birthday party. I saw a few ideas online, but thought a lot were over his head (and perhaps my abilities). So, I went with a simple cake plan, and added some pizzas with an experiment ON the cake… … Read more

Fun Cake Designs for a Science Theme Party 1

For my sons Mad Scientist Party we created this test tube cake made from two rectangular cakes. There is no end to fun cake designs when having a scientist party. This was made on a board with a slit in it then covered in aluminum foil. We then set the board on a 13×9 cake … Read more

Fun Cake Designs for a Science Theme Party 2

This beaker cake was made for my husbands 28th birthday (he’s a bit of a science nerd!). I started by baking a chocolate cake in a rectangle pan. I cut the beaker shape free form and iced the entire cake with white buttercream. I slightly heated green buttercream to make it more fluid and poured … Read more

Coolest Science Lab Cake

Homemade Science Lab Cake

This science lab cake was for a leaving party for someone who worked in my lab. So just to say good buy I made a replica of his lab bench (or as near to it as I could get!!) I started off making 2 massive chocolate cakes in a rectangle tin and then cut them … Read more

Coolest Mad Science Cake

Homemade Mad Science Cake

Please be kind I am no professional….This Mad Science Cake was an original idea for my oldest who at the age of ten decided he wanted me to make him a science cake that “did” something. Not knowing exactly what he wanted I drafted my idea from several thoughts into one big mad science cake. … Read more

Coolest Lab Cake

Homemade Lab Cake

I was in need of a cake for lab week and came across a Becker and thought I would try and make a Becker (actually it’s a flask, sorry I’m a lab nerd) cake. So, this lab cake is made out of two homemade pound cakes. Invert the bottom cake and cut to size, then … Read more

Coolest Science Cake

Homemade Science Cake

I love this website, and took an idea I saw here to make an awesome Florence flask for my daughter, who turned 8 and loves chemistry and science labs. It was really easy! I used the Wilton 3D ball pan to bake a Pillsbury chocolate cake and followed the directions to put together into an … Read more