Coolest Chewbacca Cake Design

For his 9th birthday my grandson, Joe, asked for a homemade Chewbacca cake design. When I realized there are no Chewbacca pans, I searched the internet and used ideas from many of the cute cakes posted there.

I started with 2 sheet cakes and carved his head from the first one. I did his face first as that allowed me to make his fur go in the right directions from mouth and eyes. I used Wilton chocolate frosting for decorating and it held up beautifully on a hot and muggy Cincinnati day.

For his eyes I used a ball of fondant and molded the shape of eyes. I then scooped out the pupils and used M&M”S for the color with a dot of white frosting for highlight. For his nose I used a large piece of Tootsie Roll rolled into a ball and his teeth were TicTac’s… a wonderful hint found on this site! For the fur I used a large star tip and stretched the frosting out.

Then I placed the second sheet cake in a T formation and sculpted the shoulders. I cut out a small area to fit under his chin and the sash was white fondant with pieces of Hershey Bar.

This homemade Chewbacca cake design was a huge success with 8 little boys and I will never forget the look on my grandson’s face when he saw Chewie for the first time!