Coolest Lego Chewie (Chewbacca) Cake

I made this Lego Chewie (Chewbacca) cake for my son’s 7th birthday.  He wanted a Star Wars theme for his birthday and was wavering between Yoda and Chewie as his favorite character. I searched for images of Yoda and Chewbacca cakes and most of the ones I liked were totally awesome with lots of detail that I could not hope to recreate myself. I was afraid that the cakes would look silly instead of scary or tired instead of wise. Then I saw a picture of a Lego Chewie cake and I fell in love.  My son loves the Lego Star Wars characters AND this “simplified” design was supposed to be simpler since it was Lego.

I couldn’t find any instructions anywhere so I printed off the picture and measured the print for the right proportions and found that, without the hands, it fit nicely in a 9×13 pan. So I made our favorite chocolate cake and traced around a cutout I made to fit the pan. Next we lightly frosted the whole cake with our favorite chocolate icing and placed a thick layer of fondant at the end of the feet to give the 3D effect for Lego feet. Then we covered the arms and legs with store bought chocolate fondant. We used the back of a butcher knife to make the indentation between the feet and the legs to create more dimension.

We cut out a length of fondant for the belt and shaped the mouth out of more fondant.  The white squares were made out of gum paste and then we tinted some of it black to make the black squares and the eyes and nose. Then I used more frosting and the Wilton grass tip (Multi-Opening Decorating Tip 233) to make the fur. I made sure I wiggled the icing bag to make the messy fur. Once the assembled belt was placed on top, the final touch was the hands. We cut some lengths of a cardboard paper towel roll and covered them with more fondant.

Once my son learned that he was getting a Chewbacca cake he said he wanted him to hold a light saber since he loves Jedis as well. So I found a hilt from a Popsicle mold and placed it in the hand (I know he is supposed to have a crossbow but it was birthday boy’s wish).  He LOVED the cake and loved all the Jedi training we did for his party. The kids had a great time and one even asked if I could give her mother the “recipe” for a cake like this!  LOL  Happy kids = successful party.

Lego Chewie with a light saber

Close up of the fur

The birthday boy and his brother seeing the cake for the fist time in their homemade Jedi robes.