I knew that I would bake everyone’s Christmas presents this year to save money. I knew they would be cupcakes or individual cakes, but I had no clue what design until I stared searching on the internet and found several versions of Christmas ornament cupcakes. I was going to do rum cakes, but decided kahlua chocolate cakes added a bit more uniqueness to my concept.

In shopping around for cupcake boxes I came across the Wilton round mini cakes pan. I baked my cakes. Iced each individual cake with buttercream icing and connected two halves to make full circle ball shapes. Covered each ball with fondant. Brushed pearl dust on each ornament, then made individual designs on each.

On some I piped on royal icing and brushed on more pearl dust after slightly dried. Others, I mixed different shades of pearl dust with lemon extract to make paint then hand-painted designs on the cakes.

For the hook part of the ornament, I formed fondant and painted with the silver dust paint mixture and let dry over night. I then attached the hook with a dab of buttercream. I let the entire ornament cake dry 24 hours before packaging.

Time consuming, but definitely worth the looks on everyone’s faces when they opened them up. They were definitely a hit, no one wanted to eat them because they were so beautiful.