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Coolest Christmas Snowman Cake

This Christmas Snowman Cake is one of eight Christmas Cakes I made for 2010 and was requested by a friend of mine who was stuck for a Christmas gift for one of her other friends. After giving it some thought she asked me to produce a cake using ‘The Snowman’ story as a theme.

The cake is an 8″ rich fruit cake (Delia Smith’s traditional Christmas cake which I thoroughly recommend) which was made in September and ‘fed’ with brandy every month up until it was time to ice and decorate it. The cake is coated with almond paste and almond flavoured fondant. I then proceeded to dust the sides of the cake to give a sunset effect with Tangerine Petal Dust and Claret, Ice Blue, Gold Sparkle, Snowflake and Ivory Lustre Dusts and placed silhouette cutouts of buildings around the base of the cake which were also dusted with Ivory Lustre Dust to give a misty effect.

The top of the cake was dusted with Navy Blue Petal Dust and Claret, Blue, Dusky Lilac and Pink Sparkle Lustre Dusts. The Snowman and Boy cake topper was made from gum paste fondant.

Thank you for looking.

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