Coolest Snake And Mouse Cake

Snake And Mouse Cake

My nephew had two birthday parties. He enjoyed cutting into his lobster cake so much, I decided another animal shaped cake was the way to go for his second party. He’s started to get into reptiles and I’ve seen pics before, so I went with a snake cake. Being the little boy that he is, … Read more

Coolest Apple Cupcakes

Apple Cupcakes

My niece’s birthday came up the same day as our bosses day party at work, so I was obligated to make two cakes in one night. I saved time by just making my niece cupcakes. I was looking for design ideas and came across these apple cupcakes on the internet. They were extremely fun and … Read more

Cool Homemade Cheese and Mouse Cake

Boss's Cheese Cake

I completely got my inspiration from the other “Big Cheese” cake on this site. I was asked to make a cake at work for bosses day and when we Googled bosses day cake ideas the only interesting one was a “Big Cheese” cake and I immediately remembered seeing the one on this site. I baked … Read more

Coolest Giant Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

Homemade Giant Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

I always design my birthday cakes specifically around the celebrant. This particular celebrant loves ice cream sandwiches. So naturally he had to get an Giant Ice Cream Sandwich Cake. Search of this site and Google, unfortunately did not come up with anything in the “giant ice cream sandwich” category. And “ice cream sandwich cake” searches … Read more

Coolest Toilet Cake

Toilet Cake

Working for a colorectal surgeon there are so many dirty ideas that come to mind on his birthday. A butt cake would have been fun, but is such an obvious choice. I had seen a toilet cake somewhere in passing and knew I could come to this site for more inspiration. I knew lemon cake … Read more

Coolest Swimming Pool Cake

Swimming Pool Party Cake

My niece was having a pool party for her sixth birthday and she had two specific requirements: purple and chocolate. I’ve seen the jello pool cake (, so wanted to try my own version of this swimming pool cake. My original plan was to make a 9×13 cake, but instead had to do a 8 … Read more

Coolest Christmas Ornaments

Homemade Christmas Ornaments Cake

I knew that I would bake everyone’s Christmas presents this year to save money. I knew they would be cupcakes or individual cakes, but I had no clue what design until I stared searching on the internet and found several versions of Christmas ornament cupcakes. I was going to do rum cakes, but decided kahlua … Read more

Homemade High School Musical Birthday Cake

Homemade High School Musical Birthday Cake

I searched the internet for ideas and decided to combine several ideas. I knew right off that the trademark High School Musical in yellow letter with white dots had to be the center. And obviously, red and white school colors. I saw a lot of High School Musical Birthday Cakes that I liked, but looked … Read more

Coolest Lobster Cake

Homemade Lobster Cake

My nephew requested a lobster cake for his 9th birthday dinner, my brother of course bought him a steamed lobster from the grocery store. I decided to take his request one step further and baked him a lobster shaped cake. I was so disappointed to find that there were no lobsters on this site, I … Read more

Cool Homemade Rock Climbing Cake

Homemade Rock Climbing Cake

So I planned a birthday party for my boyfriend [age 29 :-)], at the local rock climbing gym. Of, course, I immediately knew what cake I would bake/decorate. I started out baking peanut butter cake: 2-9 inch squares and 1-9 inch circle. The glue for the cake layers was peanut chocolate ganache. Normally I wouldn’t … Read more