Cute Homemade Pink Cinderella Doll Cake

This Cinderella Cake is the first doll cake I have made. I am a total beginner when it comes to icing so she’s not perfect, but it was not too stressful to make!

First I made two Madeira cakes, one in an 8″ sandwich tin, and the other in a pyrex pudding basin that had an 8″ rim. Then I detached Barbie’s legs (they unclick at the hip!) and cling filmed her head so icing sugar didn’t get in her hair. I put the sandwich tin cake under the upside down pudding basin cake, with some strawberry jam and pink coloured buttercream between the two. I cut a small hole in the top of the dome to slot her hips into.

Then I jammed and buttercreamed all over the top of the cake. Then I made a thick white strip of fondant icing for the base of the dress. Then I coloured some fondant pink and made her bodice and the circle for the main part of the dress. I added some white fondant to the pink fondant for the bows and swags, which are a lighter pink. Once her top was done I eased her into the hole in the top of the dress. I used the end of teaspoon (the handle end) to mould the dents onto the bows.

Lastly I sprinkled some sugar hearts round the base of the dress. She is ready for the ‘ball’ tomorrow!