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Coolest Circus Tent Cake With Matching Cupcakes

A friend asked me to make a “circus themed” cake for her 4 year old. I had make 100’s of cupcakes and as it was a friend so I didn’t want to say no. What started out to be a simple request took me hours, hours of research! I Googled  ” circus themed cakes” and all that came up was a circus tent. I watched numerous YouTube videos it all looked so easy. I researched  ” how to bake a flat cake” knowing I had to stack 3 cakes on top of each other. I also watched tutorials on butter icing.

First I made 2 x 8″ round cakes and 1 x 6″ round cake, piled them on top of each other and then sculptured the top (with the left over sponge I mixed it with butter cream and patched up the dome of the tent to make it smooth). After I coated it with vanilla butter cream (layer too).

As a novice I covered the sides of the tent with white icing then covered the top. An all I used 4 colors not to make it too difficult for myself. I made a doorway with the black icing then striped the sides and the top with 3″ panels. Next I did the curtails. I in-printed stars to give details, then I did the trim around the top. I simply cut out circles and then cut them in half and positioned them over my joining.  After I covered the tops of the circles with another blue strip, the yellow star covers the overlap. ( I added V for Victor).

The top of the cake I used a balloon stick to make the flag, cut out a triangle for the flag and a ball of red to cover up the hole in the straw.

I also make 18 matching cupcakes as requested, my friend was delighted being Belgian she had never seen a cake like it before. It was more than she had ever imagined. I was so relieved that after that I cried because I was so proud of myself. I will repeat this again next week as my son will turn 6 and we will have his party at the circus. I had never got so many likes on my Facebook page as I did for the picture of this cake.


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