Coolest Circus Tent Cake Idea

This Circus Tent Cake Idea was made for my son Caleb Joshua’s first birthday. The base of the cake is simply made from a 9 in round cake pan in which I carved the sides inward to allow the “tent” fondant to lay properly. Each layer of the tent red/white was placed on individually then “pasted” together using a brush and water. Then the upper layer of cake was placed on and had already been shaped using a star pan.

Each animal was previously hand sculpted and then placed on the cake and were secured using toothpicks. Most of the cake was covered and shaped using homemade marshmallow fondant. I made the animals in advance and then froze them in a deep freeze since each animal was very time consuming to construct. The little fellow on the top (my son) was actually constructed out of tootsie rolls and then covered with fondant.

Also the balloons were simply fondant covered dum dum suckers. (thank goodness his birthday is just after Halloween!) Thanks for viewing!

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