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Coolest Communion Doll Cake

My daughter was having her First Holy Communion. I have made a doll cake before, but felt that this one needed to be all that much more special for her. I usually just iced the cake with regular frosting and maybe added some sprinkles. I decided to be fancy-shmancy this time and invest in a set of Wilton Cake Decorating tools. Which mind you I have never used until this day.

I used the Wonder Mold Doll Cake pan with the Wilton doll that is included. She is like a large pick ornament, no legs just upper body, makes for a much easier way to put her into the cake without making cracks in the mold. I used the flower pattern around the entire dress, continuing it down onto the board for two rows to give a more finished look. I then chose a simple border of vines and flowers.

My daughter loved the Communion Doll Cake. She didn’t want to cut the cake. Luckily I made a total of 3 cakes. It was a BIG party. I made a Cross, using Wilton’s cross cake mold and a sheet cake as well. I didn’t get super adventurous with my decorations being that it was a new adventure for me. But watch out with the next special occasion I am loving my new hobby!

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