Coolest Homemade Bapstism Cake With a Rustic Theme

Coolest Rustic theme Baptismal Cake

I made this cake for my daughter’s best friend’s Little Angel. I used yellow fondant to cover the cake and used airbrushed to make it more realistic. I used airbrush colors red, green and orange. Then I rolled thin strips of brown fondant to make it look like twigs and pasted them to the side … Read more

Coolest Homemade Jerusalem Wailing Wall Cake

wailing wall cake

I made this Wailing Wall cake to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Jerusalem Day for my daughter’s kindergarten. Background for Jerusalem Day Jerusalem Day is an Israeli national holiday commemorating the reunification of Jerusalem in the 1967 Six-Day War. Jerusalem is a beautiful and ancient holy city in Israel. The Old City of Jerusalem has significant importance … Read more

Sweetest Baby Boy Christening Cake

Sweetest Baby Boy Christening Cake

I always wanted to make a very elaborated cake so I tried making this baby boy christening cake for my grandson’s christening. Baby Boy Christening Cake Details The two tiers were made with vanilla cakes. The bottom cake has vanilla cream with filibert crushed nut. The top cake has nocciola cream made with crushed nuts, and … Read more

Cool Baptism Cake

Cool Baptism Cake

I loved making this cake for a friend of ours little girls baptism She asked me for a vanilla sponge bottom tier and a chocolate sponge top tier so that’s what I baked, before baking the cake I needed to make the flowers so they would dry out I made assorted sizes of the same … Read more

Hamsa Hand Design Cupcake Cake

My son needed a short notice school project in two days and he asked if I could help make a Hamsa hand design out of cupcakes. I had no idea what Hamsa was, so I looked it up on the interweb and found lots of ideas. I make cakes and cupcakes but I’d never made … Read more

Cute Homemade Pink and White Baptism Cake

Coolest Baptism Cake

I was asked to make a Baptism cake for my god-daughter’s baptism. There was another baby being baptized that day so that is why there are two names on the cake, one on each side. I started by making a full sheet cake. I crumb coated it then covered it in butter cream icing. For … Read more

First Communion Cake

First Communion Cake

About a week or so before the first Communion Cake was made I made several pink roses different sizing out of fondant using toothpicks to hold them up, after they dried I brushed them with pearl dust. The day the cake was to be made I covered a large  cake board with white covering. I used chocolate  cake … Read more

Coolest Resurrection Life Easter Cake

Coolest Resurrection Life Easter Cake

I really enjoyed making this Easter cake. The true story of  what Easter is really about. The death and life of Jesus Christ. I had some difficulty making the tomb, but he guided me through. I used a white cake mix, yellow, brown, and red frosting. For the stone I used 1 of the ice … Read more

Coolest Queen Esther Cake

Coolest Queen Esther Cake

My cousin asked me to make a cake for a women’s conference that would be centered around Queen Esther, taking from the book of Esther in the bible. The theme from the conference was ” Chosen by the King”.  The colors were purple and gold. I gave some thought to it and decided to do an edible … Read more

Family Reunion Bible Cake

Family Reunion Bible Cake

This was for a weekend family reunion that ended on a sunday with a church service.  I made a bible shaped cake out of rectangle shaped pans, froze the cake and carve it into a book shape.  The flowers are gumpaste, the cross and everything else is fondant.  I colored the pages gold with gold … Read more

Cross with Roses Cake

Cross with Roses Cake

This was made for a church function.  I made square cakes, froze them, stacked and iced them and carved them into a cross.  The pink roses are made from gumpaste.  The silver ‘ribbon’ is made from fondant and painted silver with edible food paint. I made marshmallow fondant and bought a silicone patterned mat and placed … Read more

Coolest Casket Cake

Homemade Casket Cake

My coworker challenged me to bake him a casket cake for his birthday. Although it may sound weird it isn’t, we work in a funeral home. Two weeks before I began work on gum paste roses, I used Wilton Ready to Use Gum Paste. I mixed red fondant into it and some Red gel coloring. … Read more

Coolest Homemade 2 Tier Christening Cake with Booties

Homemade Christening Cake

My friend asked for a a blue and white christening cake. I searched the net for ideas. All of the cake is made of fondant apart from the ribbon on the booties. I made a standard sponge cake recipe, using a 9 inch and 6 inch tin. The large bow was made of fondant and … Read more

Coolest Pastor Appreciation Cake

Homemade Pastor Appreciation Cake

This Pastor Appreciation cake is a triple layer cake that was torted with buttercream and strawberry filling. The Cake was covered in white fondant, and the Bible, cross and praying hands were all made out of fondant as well and hand painted. The flowers on this one are silk.

Cool Homemade Confirmation Cake

Homemade Confirmation Cake

This confirmation cake was made by cutting a 9×13 cake into 3 pieces. After the cake has cooled, cut it in half lengthwise to form two rectangles. Cut one rectangle about a third down. The center of the cross in the largest rectangle piece and then use one smaller piece up top and the remainder … Read more

Coolest Homemade Baptism Cake with Sculpted Lamb

Homemade Baptism Cake

This is a homemade Baptism cake for a friend. The cake was half white and half chocolate, with buttercream icing and covered in marshmallow fondant. The lambie, blankie and Bible were sculpted with gum paste. I wrote the scripture verse “Suffer the little children unto me” with a small paintbrush and black gel colouring. Next … Read more

Coolest Communion Cake

Homemade Communion Cake

This Communion cake was made for a little girl’s First Holy Communion. It needed to serve 75 people. The cake was a basic white cake recipe made from scratch. The icing was fresh-made buttercream. The bow and flowers were all fondant brushed with luster dust. The Cross was a separate cake layered on top of … Read more

Coolest Religious Christmas Cake

Homemade Religious Christmas Cake

I decided to make a religious Christmas Cake as a practice for a Christening one that I want to make later this year. I made a large and smaller fruit cake as I had to make it a few days before Christmas. The large one as an open Bible and the smaller one as a … Read more

Coolest Bible Cake

Homemade Bible Cake

A friend of mine asked me to make a cake for a first communion. I wanted to have a rosary in it so I decided to make an open bible cake with a rosary laying across it. I baked two half sheet cakes and a small round cake. The cake was chocolate from scratch. The … Read more

Coolest Church Cake

Homemade Church Cake

My church recently celebrated 121 years and I made this Church Cake in honor of that anniversary. The towers, steps and roof are made of rice cereal due to the weight of cake. The cake is covered in mmf for taste and the stained glass windows are made of melted jolly ranchers. It took several … Read more

Cool Homemade First Communion Cake

Homemade First Communion Cake

I was so excited to get the chance to make this First Communion Cake. It was my first time making fondant roses. So I did what I always do when it’s my first time and researched it. The best advice I can give someone who is trying to do something new is give yourself time … Read more

Coolest Homemade Purple Christening Cake with Daisies

Homemade Christening Cake

I made this Christening cake for a baby girl’s Christening. The cake is “Darn Good Chocolate Cake” out of the Cake Mix Doctor Cook Book. It was excellent! I used the Wilton cross pan for the top layer and baked a 12×18 cake and cut that into pieces to make 2 additional layers, for a … Read more

Coolest Stained Glass Cross Cake

Homemade Stained Glass Cross Cake

I made this stained glass cross cake for my nieces and nephew’s (triplets) First Communion. I used a regular chocolate cake recipe and baked it in Wilton’s Cross Cake Pan. I dirty iced the cake with white frosting. Then went over a second time to make sure that the chocolate cake was totally covered and … Read more

Coolest Religious Cake

Homemade Religious Cake

This Religious Cake was a pretty simple cake. I used the book shaped pan. Then just decorated it with buttercream icing. The bookmark is just a piece of ribbon with a pendant sewn on it. The words are just a scripture that was chosen for that particular celebration.