Coolest Homemade 3D Cookie Monster Cake

This Cookie Monster Cake was my very first cake I have ever done, and it was for my son’s 1st birthday. Every one raved how realistic it was.

I used pipping nozzle number 233 for the fur and Betty Crocker vanilla icing tinted with blue coloring. I used ping pong balls for the eyes and licorice for the black on the eyes and also in the mouth. I used bought chocolate chip cookies for the extra affect.

The body is made up of 10 inch on bottom, 8 inch on top of this (if 8 inch isn’t high enough could add 2), scraps for neck and another (thick) 8 inch for head. Skewers through the head to secure all. I also used two log tins for the arms and legs, and skewers to secure the arms. Carved all free hand and if you take too much off, grab some scraps and stick back on with the icing.

Tip I would do next time, I crumb coated the whole thing after I got the shape I wanted, but I did it just in the vanilla next time I would tint the crumb coating in the blue so if any gaps it wont be noticeable, after crumb coating I refrigerate before adding the icing.

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  1. That is really good! I’m always impressed when people can cut cake free hand and not use a shaped pan! You did a great job!

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