Coolest Gluten Free Cookie Monster Cookie Cake

I used one gluten free Betty Crocker cookie mix

and one Betty Crocker vanilla frosting for this Gluten Free Cookie Monster Cookie Cake. I added blue food color to make the blue Cookie Monster face. It took an entire small tube of blue food color to get this depth of blue, if you want darker make sure to buy extra food color.

I used Betty Crocker cream cheese frosting for the cookie monster’s eyes. I used a cookie scoop to get the eyes round and added the black google eyes with a cake mate tube of black and then placed them in the freezer to get cold enough to place on the cake to keep it’s shape. I then used the rest of the cake mate tube of black frosting and made the Cookie Monster mouth. I used my son’s books of Cookie Monster as a guide.

The entire cake only cost about $8 to make using some coupons, that’s very inexpensive for a cake not to mention a gluten free cake that serves 20 or 10-15 hungry people. I am not a very crafty person and this was an easy cake to make total time took about 45 minutes including time for the cookie to cool before decorating.

This was for my son’s 1st birthday, he is a big Cookie Monster fan and he loved his first Birthday cake.

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