Coolest Cub Scout Cake

We had an end of year party for our Cub Scouts and I made a Cub Scout cake. I used a cookie cutter from the local scout store to impress an outline in the center that I could outline with icing. The paw and the Boy Scout emblem were hand drawn with a toothpick lightly in the icing before I outlined. Then I used yellow to fill in the outline. I used blue sugar to hide my imperfections.

Boy, writing 150 words about the cake is hard. It would sure help if there was a word counter too!

I used blue buttercream icing, white buttercream icing, yellow buttercream icing. I wrote Have A Great Summer on the cake in handwriting. It is sitting on a cake board that is made of card board that I bought from the Michaels craft store.

I used a comb on the side but you can’t see that in the picture. Yeah, I made it to 150!

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