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Coolest Boy Scout Blue and Gold Banquet Cake

I was asked to make a Boy Scout for the yearly Blue & Gold Banquet. This is the banquet which celebrates the advancements of each scout as a result of the previous years achievements. Throughout the year, the scouts had completed a number of service projects and participated in several activities. Each item located around the cake represents some (not all) of their activities throughout that past year.

For example, the Mr. Potato head represented the pack movie trip to see Toy Story 3. The derby car obviously signified the derby car race. There was an airplane for the Flight museum, can food for the food drive, popcorn container for the yearly fundraiser, etc. You get the idea?

I hand cut the scout symbol on the top which was tricky, but turned out looking really clean and concise. This Boy Scout Blue and Gold Banquet Cake was a huge hit at the banquet and I’ve been asked to do another one this year! Hope you like it!

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  1. I am a Den Leader and this cake rocks!! I have been asked to make our Blue and Gold Banquet cake and I can tell, it will look nothing like this one! You did a great job!!


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