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Coolest Cub Scout Birthday Cake

I made this Cub Scout Birthday Cake last year (2010) for the 100th BSA Birthday Blue & Gold Banquet. It was not as hard as I thought it was going to be. It did take time & patience though!

I bought two different sized pans at the store. I used the bigger sheet pan for the bottom and a smaller pan for the top. I used just regular Pillsbury yellow cake mix. I used one cake mix for the bottom and 1/2 cake mix for the smaller one. I bought a huge tub of the butter cream frosting sold in the cake decorating dept. I used food coloring to color the frosting. I also used a decorating bag and tips to do the decorating on the sides.

The writing and image are all free hand. I used regular sprinkles as well. One last touch was using a cardboard cutout that you can buy in the cake decorating isle as well, or you can save money by using a piece of cardboard from a box and cutting it to size then covering it with foil.

Hope you enjoy!

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