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Coolest Curious George and the Balancing Cone Birthday Cake

When my grandson turned 2 he was in love with Curious George and I love challenging myself to make cute and fun cakes for his birthday. I searched the internet for ideas and pictures and finally settled on one with Curious George balancing a multi-scoop ice cream cone. The easy part was baking the sheet cake (always has to be half white and half chocolate to please all the guests!).  Creating George was nerve-wracking (wanted to make sure he truly looked like a monkey).

Getting his hands and fingers right was the most challenging. I decided I didn’t want just a regular old cake so decided to give it a bit of 3-D look and came up with the idea of using a real sugar cone instead of an icing one and then had to think about the ice cream scoops.

Finally came up with the idea to use mini cupcakes and they worked out perfectly! I was pleased with the cake and my grandson couldn’t wait to have a piece that had to include the ice cream cone.  It was a hit at the family party and several people at the party were amazed that I made the cake.

My grandson always makes the extra effort worthwhile but the compliments at the party were great too! All done with the unconditional love we all share.

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