4 Cool DIY Monkey Cakes

Coolest Monkey Cakes

My daughter loves monkeys and for her 11th birthday we chose this monkey cake idea. We used the Wilton Animal Crackers pan. This pan looks like a bear. We cut the ears off and moved them lower on the side of the face. The rest was pretty simple. We drew an outline for the monkey’s … Read more

Cool Homemade Monkey Cupcakes

Coolest Monkey Cupcakes - Web's Largest Homemade Birthday Cake Photo Gallery

My husband and I decided to do a Curious George theme for our son’s first birthday party. I found the idea of monkey cupcakes on this site. I used a yellow cake mix and canned chocolate frosting for the cupcakes. To decorate them we chose M&Ms for eyes, mini fudge stripes sliced in half for … Read more

12 Cool DIY Monkey Face and 3D Cakes

Coolest Monkey Face Cake Photos - Web's Largest Homemade Birthday Cake Photo Gallery

Since my 2 year old is a little monkey we decided to do a monkey themed party this year. We did yellow card stock banana invitations and decorated the house with green streamers (our jungle vines) and stuffed monkeys that were flying around everywhere. I served the Monkey face cake with banana splits. It was … Read more

Coolest Curious George Birthday Cake Ideas

Coolest Curious George Birthday Cake Ideas

This is a boxed cake mix made in a 13×9 cake pan. I searched and searched for a Curious George cake pan without any luck so we decided we’d have to freehand one. First I frosted the entire cake in yellow. I then outlined George’s face from a coloring book page and piped that in … Read more

Coolest Homemade Curious George Cake Ideas

Coolest Curious George Cake Photos and Tips

I used several ideas from this site to come up with this Curious George cake. I baked two 9-inch rounds and made two batches of buttercream frosting, one chocolate (some light for his face some darker for his hair) and one vanilla. I use the Wilton buttercream recipe. I used the darker chocolate frosting for … Read more

Coolest Kids Tropical Luau Monkey Cake

Luau Theme Cake with Monkey

My husband’s cousin called and asked me to make a kids luau themed monkey cake with palm trees and to make the decorations out of candy. OK  I’m up for the challenge! She sent me a few pics of different ideas or different candy the decorations could be made out of and I took it from there. … Read more

15+ Cool DIY Monkey Cake Designs for the Birthday Cake Enthusiast

Coolest Monkey Cake Ideas

Here are some of the coolest monkey cake designs. Who doesn’t love monkeys? These animals are pure genius. They are known for their amusing behavior and are also known to play pranks on humans! Whether its a birthday or a baby shower, Monkey Cakes are sure to add positive energy to the party. 1. Coolest 3D … Read more

Coolest Curious George and the Balancing Cone Birthday Cake

Coolest Curious George and the Balancing Cone Birthday Cake

When my grandson turned 2 he was in love with Curious George and I love challenging myself to make cute and fun cakes for his birthday. I searched the internet for ideas and pictures and finally settled on one with Curious George balancing a multi-scoop ice cream cone. The easy part was baking the sheet … Read more

Coolest Monkey Birthday Cake

Coolest Monkey Birthday Cake

My name is Mae Pope and I made this monkey birthday cake for my niece. I started baking birthday cakes about two years ago. I enjoy baking and seeing the faces of children and adults when I present them their cake. The cake I’m submitting is one of my favorites that I have made. The … Read more

1st Birthday Curious George Cake and Smash Cake

1st Birthday Curious George Cake and Smash Cake

For my nephew’s 1st birthday, I made a Curious George cake and a matching smash cake.  I wanted to bake something special that he would love. I know as a 1 year old he won’t remember, but he loves Curious George. I decided on a homemade white confetti cake. I found a very good recipe … Read more

Cool Homemade Curious George Birthday Cake for a 5th Birthday

Coolest Curious George Birthday Cake

We made this Curious George cake for our son’s fifth birthday.  The “special features” section on the Curious George 2 movie DVD explains how to draw Curious George step by step.  This was very helpful in helping us get the right dimensions for the face. We bought two premade half sheet cakes from the grocery … Read more

Monkey Around Baby Shower Cake

Monkey Around Baby Shower Cake

What a fun cake to do!! A friend and coworker had given us wonderful news…she was expecting twins!! Being the mom of twins myself this announcement held a place dear to my heart. All of the memories came rushing back just hearing the special news. The bottles…the diapers… the double packing for every outing…man was … Read more