This  Darth Vader birthday cake is the cake I made for my son Matteo, who is now 12. He ‘s becoming a rebel pre-adolescent. Not a bad one, but he always finds a way of arguing on everything I ask from him. That’s why I’m used to call him Anakin. I thought that a Darth Vader cake would make my sweet Anakin smiling. And, while he was playing with his new Wii game I disappeared and closed myself into the kitchen to cook the cake.

I decided to make a one tier cake because there were few of us at the dinner, no need for a big cake. I choose a New York typical recipe I had just read in a N.Y. pastry recipes ‘book. A delicious brownie with lot of chocolate and very brown sugar in. I filled it with vanilla butter cream. For that I took the Wilton one tier mold deep enough, 10 cm deep and 15 circular I just bought for the occasion. And I baked it for a long time, very very long. Indeed, I baked it three times for the brownie wouldn’t finish to bake!! But I guess that the force was with us on that day and I had plenty of time to model my Darth Vader with sugar paste and to paint it. It was, I don’t know why, quite exciting I owed the very bad guy in my hand and was the master of the wooorld!! Ha, Ha!!

Well, not exactly because poor me, I couldn’t control the haven and had to go and return many times from my kitchen to my modeling table in the living room. Timothée cut the stars while I was fighting with Darth Vader and my black sugar paste. At last I took the cake from the oven and filled it with butter cream Then we covered it with white sugar paste and I thought that it would be funny to circle it half with Stormtroopers’ heads instead of using the traditional collar of pearls. I used a mold I bought on a geek website to model the Stormtroopers’ heads and decorated it with black icing.

Then I just had to ice and cover the brownie with white sugar paste and stick stars and heads.Tim added a Star Wars drawing with the sugar paste left and we put Darth Vader at the last moment because he was very fresh and was still very fragile. So was it that I was cutting the first piece of cake when my son told me that he’d lost his hand! Mum said Timothée, it felt down, he’s the real Darth Vader, Luc cut his hand!! and we all broke into laughing! Happy birthday my sweet heart, may the Positive Force be with you!