Coolest Darth Vader Mask Cake

This was for my son’s fifth birthday. A huge Star Wars fan, he asked for a Darth Vader Mask Cake… and I took the challenge. I needed a basic plastic Darth Vader mask (sold in every toy shop).

The cake itself is basic sponge cake, divided into three layers, and filled with frozen berries and cream-sourcream mix. I just crushed frozen raspberries and cranberries with sugar into a berry sauce, and added a mixture of whipped cream and thick sour cream. This makes the cake fresh-delicious and very much to both kids’ and adults’ taste! Cake is iced with cream-sour cream mixture without berry sauce.

Darth Vader mask is made by coloring marzipan paste black. I guess they sell ready-made black paste as well. The black paste is made into a thin sheet with a rolling pin.

Line the plastic mask’s inside with plastic film. Carefully press the black sheet into this DIY “mold” so it fits every detail of Dart Vader’s face. Then fill the mold with bits of sponge cake and some berry sauce. Flip onto the iced cake and carefully remove the plastic film.

The cake was indeed pretty easy to make and a huge success!

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