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Cool Darth Vader Cake Using Darth Vader Cake Pan

To make this Darth Vader Cake I had to purchase a Darth Vader cake tin from the USA. I used a basic sponge cake recipe from a Delia Smith cookbook and added cocoa powder to make it chocolatey.

I also made another big slab of chocolate cake to use as a layer underneath the Vader cake as the tin was quite shallow. I cut the cake slab to match the shape of the top layer and used chocolate icing to stick them together.

I then made a chocolate butter icing and added black coloring to it. I put some of the mixture into a piping kit and put the main outlines on to the cake. Then with a small paint brush, I then painted the rest of the icing on filling in the gaps.

It may have been easier to ice the whole cake and then put the detail on but I will never know!

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