Coolest Didelina Cake

This Didelina cake is chocolate fudge cake made with real chocolate, 70% cocoa solids. It is baked in 2 round, 20cm sponge tins. They are cut and layered with chocolate gnashe thickened with a bit of thick vanilla buttercream, to sweeten it for childrens’ taste.

There are 4 layers of cake and 3 of chocolate filling. I then buttercreamed the top and topped it with rolled fondant icing. All homemade.

I cut out a fondant shape of Didelina which I got from the internet, which I strengthened with gum tragacanth. I then painted Didelina by hand with edible colours when it was dry. I made hearts and put them on florist wires and cut out the letters with patchwork cutters.

Many of my cakes can only be top-iced and then a cake frill and ribbons put round as it is expensive to make the fondant icing and many people are not prepared to pay the extra cash it would cost to fully ice the cake. I prefer to ice the whole cake but must be guided by the cost.

Cake decorating is very challenging out here in Fuerteventura and how I envy those of you who can just walk into a cake decorating specialist shop and buy what you need!

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