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Coolest Dino-Mite Dinosaur Birthday Cake

I am a huge fan of dinosaurs. For this cake I was given choices. The little boy likes dinosaurs, cars, and Elmo. In all honesty, I didn’t hear anything beyond dinosaurs when his mother was giving me the list. When given creative freedom for boys, they get dinosaurs…period. I love them!

For this cake I printed a couple images from the internet. I had to find 2 dinosaurs, one facing in each direction so it looks like predator and prey. I printed them, then enlarged and shrunk them on a photo copier until I got the sizes I needed.

When I make fondant / gum paste figures like this I cut the outline of the entire dinosaur, then I cut out features I wanted to stand out from the picture. I cut those pieces out of another piece of fondant and lay them on the piece I cut from the outline. I did this for arms, legs, and T- Rex’s head. To texturize the T Rex I used a cocktail straw to make imprints.

The moon is gum paste and fondant that had 3 days to dry , the pterodactyls are gum paste and fondant with a floral wire inserted. I cut the pterodactyls using a template I made from a photo I found on the internet. The rocks are black, and white fondant mixed to look like stones. The bones are gum paste. I roll a log of gum paste, cut it into random sized pieces. Slit the end of each piece and round the ends to look like bones. Everything is attached to the cake with white chocolate.

The mother had never seen any of my work and was expecting grocery store work, edible images, plastic accents, butter cream  etc. It’s a good thing her son wasn’t with her when she came to pick up the cake because she was so excited when she saw it that she was using some very flowery language.

Fun cake!


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