I made this dirt bike cake for my 11 year old grandson. It all started with a vision, a drawing (I figured if I could draw it, I could bake it) and a big “You can’t do that” from my husband. Of course my answer to that was “oh yes I can, it’s for my Grandson”. In order to get the effect I was looking for, I started with a 3′ x 4′ board and 9 cakes of assorted sizes.

First I placed the round cakes for the tires. Next piece layed was the motor area. Followed by the seat, fenders, muffler, handlebars, forks and sway bar. It was amazing how it all came together so well. Once I got the dirt bike layed out, I frosted it all green. I outlined the whole cake with “grass”. I crushed up some vanilla cookies and starting at the handle bars, where I made the starting gate, and continued with a track that covered the whole thing, ending with a finish line.

I added some trees, some grass and even a couple of ponds. Next came trying to figure out how we were going to transport it the 50 miles it needed to go. We ended up borrowing the neighbors van. We had to remove the third seat. Thankfully it was the perfect size area. Next to get it out of the house! A little tilt and holding my breath and it was out and in the van.

When we got to the party, everyone was amazed. Some only saw the track while others noticed the dirt bike outline. Our next hurdle was getting it inside his house with a smaller door. This time the cake was tilted almost straight up and down. I really held my breath that time! But they did it quickly and without having a catastrophy. My grandson absolutely loved it!