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Let’s Ride Dirt Bike Track Cake

This dirt bike track cake was made for my grandson’s 13th birthday.

Dirt Bike Track Cake Instructions

  • This cake is a white cake, baked in a 12×17 inch cake pan. It took as much cake batter as when you bake four 9×13 cakes.
  • The cake is iced in homemade buttercream frosting.
  • For the jump, I bought a small Sara-Lee frozen pound cake, cut it to resemble a jump, and covered it in the buttercream.
  • On the top of the jump I piped chocolate frosting and then I spooned chocolate Graham crackers (which I crushed in the food processor first) on top of the chocolate frosting.
  • This is also what I did for the rest of the dirt track.

Side Note: I was going to make my homemade chocolate frosting for this, but got to thinking…. “Hey, why not make it a little easier on yourself and buy a can of chocolate frosting.” I really didn’t need a lot and I have to say it worked great.

  • For the trees I used sugar cones on which I spread a little green frosting so that the fondant would stick to the cones.
  • I completed the trees by rolling out some green fondant, cutting out a bunch of greens with a small leaf cutter and layering them on the frosting.
  • For my dirt bike riders, I used a picture of my grandson (which he LOVED because he was actually doing a wheelie on his dirt bike in this picture, much to my dismay… ha ha).
  • I took this picture to my local supermarket and had them print it with an edible cake printer. When I did this I had no idea if it would work.
  • I took white fondant and kneaded tylose powder into it so that it would dry stiff.
  • I rolled it out and left it about a half inch thick, because I knew I wanted to add a shish kebab stick to the back so I could make the dirt bike riders stand up.
  • I then added the edible image to the rolled out fondant and carefully cut out the image with a sharp knife. This was kind of time consuming and a little harder than it looks. Some of them turned out better than others, but it WORKED. Yeah!

I knew Carlin would be SO excited because he loved this picture of himself SO MUCH!

Since I started making the grandsons’ birthday cakes for them 4 years ago, I have tried to make each of their cakes reflect their passions and interests at the time of their birthdays. Needless to say, my thirteen year old Carlin’s passion this year is dirt bikes.

I have to say this cake was a hard cake to get a good picture of. The cake itself looked a lot better than the picture reflects, which is a really good thing! : )

Everything on the cake is edible with the exception of the sticks on the back of the dirt bikes.

Let's Ride Dirt Bike Track Cake