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Coolest Doraemon Birthday Cake

I made this Doraemon birthday cake for a friend’s son’s birthday. He is a 5 year old Doraemon fan and his mother wanted me to do a Doraemon themed cake, since they had arranged a Doraemon themed birthday party. So it was a 3 lb and a two tier cake.

The lower tier was a chocolate liquor soaked chocolate sponge cake and the upper tier was an eggless vanilla sponge cake with raspberry preserve filling. I prepared the fondant as well as the fondant toppings of the Doraemon cut out and the stars ain’t dual colors of yellow and blue a day before the delivery day. The humid weather at my place was a big challenge as the icing which was whipped cream, kept on melting and the cake had to be put inside the refrigerator every couple of minutes.

But however I managed to pull it through and was praised no end for the final result. The kids were extremely happy seeing their favorite cartoon character on the birthday cake. That itself is very satisfying!

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