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Cool Homemade Dr. Seuss Diaper Cake

My cousin was having a Dr. Seuss themed baby shower, and since I am known for bringing diaper cakes to showers, I couldn’t let her down!

I couldn’t decide which Dr. Seuss book to base my theme off of, so I thought I would just do a mixture. Why not?!

I wanted the cake to be big and grand, but I also didn’t want to spend all of the budget on diapers (we know those suckers can get expensive!), so I improvised. I could still make a large statement cake AND use less diapers. This is where my creative mind took control and I grabbed some dowel rods and hollowed out cake pillars. I just simply stuck the dowel rods through the pillars and down through the diapers for support. Simple, fast, and looks pretty cool! I painted these cake pillars to help match the colorful theme.

I decided each smaller cake would represent a different Dr. Seuss book. So, of course, the top HAD to be The Cat In The Hat! I simply wrapped each diaper layer with red and white ribbon!

The middle left ended up being The Lorax. I found a cheap stuffed animal to add on, and glued pom-poms to some striped straws that I found at Hobby Lobby to represent the trees!

I put a small fish bowl with print outs of fish and some tissue paper on the middle right cake to represent One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.

I found a fun Green Eggs and Ham picture frame to place on the middle bottom cake.

Amazon had a small assortment of baby blocks for super cheap. So I purchased the ABC Book and glued the blocks around it for the bottom left cake.

And Horton Hears a Who! won the bottom right slot with a small plush animal I found on Amazon.

I ordered ribbon with each books theme on it for the different tiers and simply glued a larger sized solid color ribbon on the back for a layered effect.

My cousin was pleased, and everyone at the shower LOVED the cake. So, needless to say, my mission was complete: Large eye-catching cake with a smaller amount of diapers!

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