Coolest Dr Seuss Cake

This cake was made for an after-prom at the high school where the theme was all Dr. Seuss. This is my third year making cakes for this event and the kids really seem to love them each year. Everything on the homemade Dr Seuss cake is edible.

The hat was the hardest to make. I initially made it too large and I had to re-size it, cutting it down to its current size. I took a few ideas from this site and others and combined them to make this cake for about 160 hungry teenagers and 30 adults. The hat, cat head and book are all cake. The most difficult thing was that the cat head needed to support all the weight of the hat cake.

The figures were made with fondant and outlined with an edible marker. The fingers were made with modeling white chocolate. I had more fun making this homemade Dr Seuss cake than any other cake I’ve ever done. This site has been so helpful with ideas. I just love it!

2 thoughts on “Coolest Dr Seuss Cake”

  1. Awesome cake!!!!! I would like the details as to how you did this cake. I have a
    nephew that would love for me to do a
    cake like this for him. Can you help me

  2. I to would like to know the details and what pans you used to make this beautiful cake. My daughter’s big into “the Cat & the Hat” and would love to try and make this cake for her Birthday coming up. Thanks!


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