Cool Homemade Red Dragon Birthday Cake

This Dragon Birthday Cake was for my grandson’s 3rd birthday. The cake portion is a 10″ yellow layered cake ( I used a cake mix). It is filled with chocolate butter cream icing. The entire cake was then covered with white butter cream and red marshmallow fondant. I colored some of the fondant gray for the rocks, which I merely patted out with my fingers and stuck on the red fondant to make it look like the mountain the dragon is sitting on was a bit molten.

I also used gray fondant to make a cave on the front of the cake. I painted the inside of the cave with black gel food coloring to make it look deeper and darker. I put the number 3 inside the cave.

For the sword I used a mixture of fondant and gum paste (it dries a bit harder than fondant but not as hard as 100% gum paste (it was a bit easier to work with). I used Wilton spray on food coloring (this stuff is great!) to color the sword blade and wrote my grandson’s name on the blade. The sword was put on the top half of a long wooden skewer- the bottom half was stuck into the cake.

Making the dragon:

The core of the dragon is rice crispy treats that I bought at the grocery store. It took a box of 12. I recommend giving them a tiny warm up in the microwave to make them just a little more pliable…maybe 5 or 10 seconds, you don’t want to melt them completely. I made the body but not the head out of the crispy treats. Cover the body with gum paste and let dry- the gum paste dries harder than fondant and gives the body more support. When the gum paste dried I covered the body with yellow fondant. The head I molded out of a mixture of yellow gum paste and fondant which I attached to the body with water.

I later spray colored everything with red and orange to achieve the red dragon color I wanted. I added a few scales here and there which I sprayed yellow along with the spikes- I also used a bit of black spray color to give it a bit of depth here and there. I used black gel food coloring mixed with a little water as paint for details here and there.

My grandson was pleased with the results. So was I.


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