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Easy Homemade Easter Bunny Cake

Our family has done bunny cakes for over 40 years. My 19 year old daughter took over the Easter Bunny cake decorating duties this year. We have always made a carrot cake in honor of the Easter Bunny. My 22 year old daughter made the carrot cake from scratch. She made the comment ” I didn’t realize carrot cake actually has carrots in it”.

Unfortunately my 12 year old daughter was put on the side lines. She did get to put the M&M’s on the grass. She added the tye dye to the bow tie. The pink for the ears and green for the grass are made out of dyed coconut, making it a completely edible design! The middle part of the bow tie didn’t come out quite the way Kelsey wanted it but it still looks cute. “My older sisters didn’t really let me do any of the work but the cake still looks pretty good.

I love the bow tie, tie dye is amazing.” -Shelby ”Now even the vegetarians in our family can eat rabbit for Easter!” (Three of the family members are vegetarians).

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