Coolest Easy Harry Potter Birthday Cake

If you are really looking for a homemade easy Harry Potter birthday cake and don’t want to build Hogwarts or pipe a lot of icing for broomsticks and whatnot, then this is the cake for you. What could be better than a replica of the very first birthday cake that Harry ever had?

This cake is so easy, any novice at cake decoration can make it. It is a replica of the birthday cake that Hagrid made for Harry in the Sorcerer’s Stone so any mistakes in decoration, collapsed layers, etc. only serve to make it look more authentic.

Make a two-layer cake (8 or 9 inch round, your preference) of any flavor. In the movie the cake has light pink icing with dark green lettering so I made it the same (if you are making it for a boy, you might want to change it from pink to orange or another color). Put the frosting on your layers – remember, it can be a little sloppy, after all Hagrid isn’t known for his culinary prowess.

In order to achieve the very dark green, I used both green and black food coloring (McCormick makes black) mixed in equal parts. If you can find the right color, you can also use those pre-packaged tubes of decorator icing. You can use either a cake decorator with a tip or a plastic bag with the corner cut off – remember, neatness does not count!

The most important thing is the spelling of the wording. In the movie the cake says “HAPEE BIRTHDAE HARRY” with crooked letters. I messed up and added an extra “P”, but none of the Harry Potter aficionados at the party picked up on that and they all completely loved it. If you are really ambitious, you could pipe in some fake cracks to the cake, but I think this looks pretty good with just the lettering.

The best part is that this homemade easy Harry Potter birthday cake takes very little time to make – less than 2 hours total – and leaves you time to concentrate on party decorations, games and activities.

3 thoughts on “Coolest Easy Harry Potter Birthday Cake”

  1. as impressive as other cakes are, with tons of detail and I’m sure hours of work, i SO love this cake. it makes me happy!

  2. forget the snitch cake i want for my 17th birthday, i want this instead!! way to end the series to. finds out he’s a wizard and gets that cake, mise well end it like it! this cake is amazing!! :)

  3. Incredible how most of us HP maniacs (I do include myself) would have never EVER thought of such a great, authentic to the series and simple idea like that of doing a replica of Harry’s first ever birthday cake. Genius!


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