Coolest Elmer the Patchwork Elephant Cake

This Elmer the Patchwork Elephant Cake is a cake that I made for my daughter based on the Elmer the patchwork Elephant story book.

First of all you need to bake a round sponge cake. This then needs to be sliced in half. Make up a batch of buttercream. Use this inbetween the halves of your sponge and put back together and also all over the outside of your sponge cake. Roll out enough ready to use bloc icing to completely cover your sponge cake.

Trim around the edge. Then colour up some ready to roll icing in bright colours. Roll out and cut into square’s and arrange over your sponge cake to make a patchwork effect. Next colour and make your elephants head as seen in the photo out of another piece of ready to use icing. I shaped the head out of one piece,score lines lightly to make the creases of the trunk and make two small indentations with the end of a wooden spoon to make the nostrils. The ears are made out of ovals of ready to use icing, slightly stretched to give the desired shape. Add two more ovals to the inside of each ear.

The ears can be supported with pieces of scrunched up clingfilm until they dry. Add on the eyes. Then make 4 chunky carrot shaped pieces to serve as Elmer’s legs. On each end add a flat circular piece of icing to make the feet. Add a final piece of icing to give Elmer his tail.

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