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Coolest How To Train Your Dragon Birthday Cake

This How To Train Your Dragon Birthday Cake posed a bit of a challenge! The head is made of 2 – 6 inch round cakes that I put frosting in between and then cut the sides off so it wasn’t round. I then used the cut off pieces to add dimension and facial features. I also offset the layers to get the mouth and used straws to secure the pieces together. I made black marshmallow fondant and covered the head. There are actually 2 layers of fondant on the head because I needed more height and depth.

I used a chopstick to create the more defined nose area. I used fondant tinted pink for the mouth and blanched almonds dipped in white chocolate for the teeth. Freezing the cake before you put the fondant on will give you a firmer cake to work with. The eyes are white chocolate tinted a greenish-yellow. I used an egg shaped candy mold for them. I painted on black food coloring for the slit-like pupils.

The body is a cake I baked using my football shaped cake pan. I froze the cake and then I cut the cake into 2 layers and frosted in between and on the top. I covered it with the black fondant also.

The tail is a Rice Krispie treat cut out and covered with the same black fondant (for this cake, I used almost 2 full batches of fondant). The wings are made of fondant also that I cut out and let sit overnight to stiffen a little. I attached the wings with toothpicks and propped them up slightly with halves of empty toilet paper rolls. The spikes are pieces of fondant I shaped and secured into the cake with toothpicks.

Once the cake was assembled, I took Wilton powdered pearlized dust in sapphire blue and brushed it over the entire cake to give it that blue-black look.

If I ever had to make another one of these, I would make the head entirely of Rice Krispie treats. It would have been much easier to sculpt and get a better looking head and mouth. I would also cover the body of the cake with a layer of Rice Krispie treats to give the body the bumpy look the tail had. I didn’t have a cobblestone mat to roll the fondant out on, but the Rice Krispie treat tail looked the best as far as how the skin of a dragon would look. And the blue sapphire dust over the entire cake really set it off!

And last, I would have made a couple R.K. treat feet with cashews for the claws. My grandson noticed he had no feet. I told him they were tucked underneath cause he was flying!

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