Cool Homemade Elmo 2nd Birthday Cake

I made this Elmo 2nd Birthday Cake for my daughter’s 2nd birthday. I found a picture of Elmo I liked in a coloring book, so we scanned it. My husband, an engineer, uploaded it into AutoCad to resize it for me and also to add the “2”. After he did this, we printed it out and traced it onto wax paper. I then pricked holes in the outline using a toothpick.

I used 2 boxes of yellow cake mix and baked them in 2- 11 X 15 sheet pans. I made buttercream icing using the Wilton recipe, but I added a bit more powdered sugar. After the cakes cooled, I assembled them, one on top of the other, with chocolate icing in between. I then dirty iced (crumb-coated) with white buttercream. Once that crusted, I iced it again and let that crust.

Then I put my wax paper stencil on the cake and smoothed it with my hand. When I lifted the stencil, the outline was transferred onto the cake (the toothpick-pricks). I used chocolate icing mixed with a little black food coloring to make the outline of Elmo, his mouth, and eyeballs. I colored some buttercream lavender and a tiny bit orange (for his nose). For the red, I bought the premade Wilton red in a tube because for my practice cake, I could never get my red red enough. I used a star tip to fill in Elmo and the 2.

My daughter loved it!

2 thoughts on “Cool Homemade Elmo 2nd Birthday Cake”

  1. I live in Knoxville and would pay you to make this cake. Or to get the stencil from you. It is adorable! My little girl is turning 2 in August and this would be perfect.

  2. WOW!!!! You did a wonderful job. You should think about making cakes and selling them. My grandson turns 3 in April and lives in Dallas Texas. He loves Elmo and if you lived closer, I’d pay you your price to do one for me. That picture is as good as any bakery could do and probably tastes just as good if not better. GREAT JOB!!!! You should really give it some thought about making and selling them. You might have just met you calling….


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