Happy Homemade Elmo Birthday Cake

A friend of mine has a little boy turning three and he loves Elmo. She asked me to make an Elmo Birthday Cake for him to help celebrate. I love making cakes, but this theme was a first so it had to be something simple.

I used a white cake recipe and buttercream icing to decorate with. For Elmo’s color and the bottom border I mixed red with a little lemon yellow to get the color just right. I decided to go with teal for the top border and to write his name. I drew the outline for Elmo by hand, but if you look online for a blank coloring page you could use it for a stencil. I was really nervous about doing this cake because I’ve never done one like this before, but I think it turned out just fine. You just got to have faith and have fun!

Hint: Before icing your cake, freeze it. By doing this, it limits the crumbs and makes it easier to work with.

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