Easy Homemade 2D Elmo Cake

My friend and I wanted to make my youngest son’s 1st birthday cake one that was memorable, at least for us. So because he loves Elmo, we thought to an Elmo cake.

I baked 2 9 1/2 by 11 box cakes. We then took one of many of the Elmo stuffed animals and traced on cardboard, Elmo himself.

Because of the size of the cake pans, we kept the arms and legs off of the first cake and used the second cake to cut arms, legs, eyes and nose out.

I used store bought white frosting and LOTS AND LOTS of red food coloring. I put aside some white frosting to make Elmo’s eyes. You also need a little bit of black food coloring to for Elmo’s pupils.

The nose was a bit tricky because it’s a funny shade of orange but with a little bit of red frosting and a couple drops of yellow food coloring, you get the correct orange for Elmo’s nose.

To make Elmo look furry, I took a butter knife and dabbed it all around Elmo to make the icing stand up.

It was an absolute hit and all the kids knew it was Elmo.

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