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Loveable Homemade 2D Elmo Cake With Cupcakes

I made this Elmo cake for my best friend’s son’s 1st birthday. We have a deal going on that I make the cakes for her kids and she makes the sausage rolls for my kids, its a great deal. Anyway she waned an Elmo cake as Jed was so into him and just had to have it.

I made this one by baking up 2 huge cakes in my roasting pans and using a picture of Elmo that I printed from the net and made to size as my template. It really wasn’t that hard, although I did need to use a little patience when trying to get it the right size.

I then used butter icing, coloured using a paste from the cake decorating shop ( these give a much richer colour) to give Elmo his fur. I added the coloured balls with Jed’s name on them to give a bit more colour to the whole thing. These were just made out of smaller cakes and I used M&M’s to write the letters of his name.

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