Coolest Homemade Buttercream Elmo Cake From Wilton’s Elmo Cake Pan

I made this Elmo cake for my son’s 2nd birthday. I have never decorated a cake before. He is obsessed with Elmo so I decided to tackle an Elmo cake. We were having so many people over that the standard Elmo cake pan wouldn’t make enough cake for everyone. So, I made a 16 x 2 round cake to set Elmo on.

I used 5 cake mixes total; 3 for the 16″ and 2 for Elmo. I also wanted to fill the cake but I didn’t want to chance cutting a 16″ cake in half. Instead I poked holes in it and piped in lemon filling with a pastry bag without a tip. I iced the entire bottom layer and added Elmo on top. I did the top of Elmo with a large star tip and just frosted the sides and pulled them with a spatula.

I did his eyes and nose with an offset small spatula. I did the lettering with black gel icing. The cake pan didn’t totally fit in my oven since it was so big so I added the sprinkles to mask some of the uneven-ness of the cake. In total this took me 5 hours.

Everyone loved the cake and couldn’t believe I made it and didn’t buy it. After all that I am very luck that my husband gave me an excellent back massage!