This Elmo cake was created for my niece who was turning two. It was created from a Barbie dress cake pan, and a Wilton small ball, a ten inch round and rice crispie treats. It is frosted in red icing with a medium star tip and red, white,orange, purple and black fondant.

There are three skewers holding on the head which was made from the small ball. I cut a slight mouth and put in the black fondant. His body is the Barbie pan and the round cake. I cut about three inches off the top to put on the head.

His arms and hands are rice crispie treats. Wrapped in fondant and secured with toothpicks. His eyes and nose were also fondant and fastened with toothpicks. He is holding a small cake wrapped in purple fondant with black dots. Inside he is red velvet and cream cheese frosting. The kids just loved him!