Coolest Fifi and the Flowertots Cake

My granddaughter Amy loves Fifi, so when it was her birthday we decided to make a Fifi and the Flowertots Cake for her. I baked two round sponge cakes. I used one for the main part of the cake, and then the other I used a round cutter to make the flower petals around her head. I put jam and buttercream in the main face part of the cake, but left the petals plain.

I butter creamed the face part of the cake putting little peaces of sponge in where Fifi’s cheeks were so it would raise up a little and then butter creamed over it all and then iced it. Then I shaped all the circles I cut out in to individual petals butter creamed and iced them making the indents in them to make them look more petal shaped and then added them one by one to the cake. I added the band on Fifi’s head and the little bit of hair sticking up.

I iced in her eyes and added her nose and mouth. Amy even though she was only one recognized who it was straight away.

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