Coolest Fi-Fi and the Flowertots Cake

My little girl turned a year in Sept’08 and one of her favorite toys is a cuddly Fi-fi doll that sings a goodnight tune.

I decided to create a Fi-Fi and the Flowertots Cake and it gave me more trouble than any other I’ve done. It was the petal head dress that was the main problem – I decided to be clever and make them stand proud of the cake (talk about making a rod for your own back, but heyho that’s me!!)

I used a 10″ vanilla sponge filled with buttercream and raspberry jam. This I iced in shop bought fondant that I coloured yellow with powder colour (I prefer powder as I find it easier to control and less sticky). I made two mounds for her cheeks and once the icing was dry I used a brush to dry brush powder on to make them rosie.

I used a black writing icing tube to pipe her eyes and mouth (I had created a slight indent for her mouth so it wouldn’t be proud of her face).

OK, the petals! I drew them out on thickish cardboard and cut each one out. I stuck thin layers of blue fondant onto the cardboard with edible gum glue and then stuck the ends of the cardboard into the yellow fondant of her face.

I used rolled up kitchen paper to act as props for the petals and just kept my fingers crossed that the whole lot wouldn’t crash down – this worked. I used blue power colour mixed with a little water to give the details to the petals and covered the rough edges with Fi-fi’s white petals and headband. I used shop bought iced flowers to decorate the green sides of the cake to represent her garden.

Much to my surprise the cake was still in one piece the next morning….and survived the party (I left the kitchen roll in place, I wasn’t brave enough to remove it!!)

Hope you like it – I didn’t want to cut this one.

I’ve included a picture of the doll so you can see what she should look like. Thanks for looking.

3 thoughts on “Coolest Fi-Fi and the Flowertots Cake”

  1. This is what I have been looking for, for my twins 1st birthday this September. Thanks for posting this, it’s been a great help.

  2. This is exactly what I had visualized making for my little girl, as she also has this Fifi doll. I was thinking of placing the icing petals straight onto the cake board rather than raising them but do you think this would work? I have never made a cake like this before and am quite nervous but would love to give it a try.


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