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Coolest Fishing Nightmare Cake for Dad

This fishing nightmare cake was created for my father; he came up from Florida to visit. My sister asked me to make a cake with a fishing theme. He loves to go out fishing with his brothers. It was a last minute cake for me, originally it was supposed to be a boat and a fishing rod with a couple of fishes. I decided to put a little man on the boat sleeping. In my mind I started thinking of all the bad things that could happen on a little boat.

I created the underwater shipwreck and thought of something that could have pulled it down; thought The Abyss, great movie big octopus, little boat great idea. I started making his tentacles long enough to reach the sleeping victim. Made some of tentacles going into the cake and coming out above; gave it a great effect. This cake I would definitely have to re-create and add more things to it to make it a real fisherman nightmare; I can’t wait.

All the underwater creations were made out of fondant including the octopus. The boat and fishing rod are made of gum paste. I needed them to be firmer to be able to stand. The fishing line is a wire, it also helped hold the fishing rod up. The best part for me to create was the octopus; I think I would have gone crazier with the tentacles. (smile)

The inside of the cake is yellow cake, butter cream and banana filling; Yummy. My father loved the cake, he couldn’t believe I made it and was capable of making something so cool and edible. He took pictures of every angle of cake. Hope you guys enjoy it as well.

sleeping victim