I made these fishing cupcakes for a boy for his birthday. His mom sent me a picture of what he wanted.  I started out by coloring small amounts of fondant light blue, medium blue, green, gray, pink, orange, yellow, black and brown.  I made the cake toppers a few days before the party.  I made light blue circles with a tall glass as my cookie cutter.  This represented the water.  I worked 4 night till very late to make the fish, bait and fishing rods.

I Googled to get some more ideas on this theme and used the pics as my guide.  The fishing rods broke and I had to make others because I wanted some to stand up right to create a 3d effect.  I got at least 2 to stand as I intended.  I baked the vanilla flavored cupcakes 2 days before the party and the day before the party I made butter cream icing and covered the cupcakes.  I then placed my hardened cake toppers on the cup cakes.

The end result, priceless.  His mom was so happy when she saw the end result she said her son will freak. The birthday boy was so impressed he send me a voice note to thank me.    I was so proud of my efforts and hard work.