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Gone Fishing Birthday Cake

My son-in-law’s passion is canoe fishing so thought it would be a brilliant idea to make him a fishing cake to reflect his hobby.

The cake is a basic Victoria sponge mix with a jam and buttercream filling, covered with fondant icing. The fondant covering involved just mixing white fondant with Wilton’s blue colouring until I got the swirled water effect. I did the same effect with black colouring for the rocks.

The bulrushes are BBQ sticks cut down and the ends covered with brown fondant icing which I then dipped in edible glue and rolled in brown sugar. You need to make sure that they are in proportion to the cake. I had to do them twice as on my first attempt they were far too big!!! You learn through your mistakes and I am only a novice so each cake is a learning curve.

The canoe, and fish are both made from moulded colour fondant, strengthened with Tylo Powder. The paddle is a cocktail stick with fondant paddles attached to each end. The fishing rod was made by using a cut down wood BBQ stick wrapped around with crafting wire (make sure that the wire does not touch the cake).

This cake was well worth the time and effort I put in as my son-in-law was absolutely thrilled with it.

Gone Fishing Birthday Cake

Gone Fishing Birthday Cake

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